Personalized Wealth Building in Real Estate

WR Gorman & Associates was founded in 1972 by Bill Gorman, whose years of investment and real estate brokerage experience are underscored by a long-held commitment to studying market trends and influences.  Bill’s understanding of contrarian investing principles and the 18-year real estate cycle has paved the way for WR Gorman & Associates clients to secure their own financial independence.

As a complement to Bill’s expertise, the WR Gorman team includes an MBA (Randy Combs) and a CPA (Tim Gorman), both of whom are also investors as well as business owners.  Additional team members, all of whom are licensed real estate professionals, provide clients with further assistance in transaction coordination, notary services, and property management.

WR Gorman & Associates maintains close ties with the Apartment Association of Orange County.  Bill Gorman joined the AAOC in 1970.  He is an AAOC past-president and a Director Emeritus.  His son, Tim Gorman, currently serves on the AAOC Board of Directors and the company is a member of the organization’s Product and Service Council.