Real Estate Cycles

• Are property values apt to go up or down?
• How long will this phase of the cycle last?
• Where in the cycle are you comfortable investing?
• Based upon where we are in today’s cycle – what should you be doing?


• What is the intrinsic value of your property?
• What can you do to add value to your property?
• How do you measure the results of making improvements?

Location & Site Selection

• What are the advantages/disadvantages of your property location?
• What other areas might be considered as “comparable”?
• How do you select the places where you want to look for properties?

Gross Rent Multipliers

• Why use GRM rather than cap rate?
• What causes the GRM to rise or fall?
• Do you know the GRM for your market?

Rate of Return

• How do you measure your rate of return?
• How do you evaluate the anticipated rate of return on other properties?
• How accurate are your projections regarding an anticipated rate of return?


• When should you consider refinancing?
• How do you get the best rates when refinancing?
• What terms should you be thinking about?

Tax Laws

• What do you think is going to happen with 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange laws?
• What are the prospects for changes in depreciation and cost basis rules?
• Are you up-to-date on tax law proposals locally and within the State of California?
• How might these and other changes affect your Real Estate Plan?